Montag, 18. Januar 2010


Hi everyone!
Ok, here is something new. A few days ago I've seen some really cool papercrafts! I was so impressed by that, so I've decided to create my own.
I've created a 3D Model in Blender and exportet the UV's. Added some nice Textures with Inkscape as vector graphics so it may me printable in large sizes.I hope you will like it! And here is also the file. You may do your own handycraft! :)

Here is the Blendermodel that was done before!
And here is the finished Papercraft!

And here you get the PDF!
I hope you like this and leave a comment on this! :)



  1. Das ist ja mal echt geil!! ... Hab auch einige papercrafts von Stargate und so, aber dein Modell ist echt sehr nice! Hattest du da eine Vorlage wo du diese Klebestellen hinzufügen musst?


  2. Hi ndee, quite a time past since my last visit of your old blog, but I really like your new works.

    The bunny is a blast, I will try to make now a papercraft by my self.

    greets BUM BUM

  3. Supercool, ich kenn ihn ja schon ne Weile,
    schaut mich öfters vom Nebentisch aus an :)