Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Sculptris 1.01

Hi all,
Sculptris 1.01 is released yesterday. I am playing around with it! I have to say, it is much more awesome than Sculpris Alpha 3 ;-)
So.. here is a new sculpt done in Sculptris 1.01.
I think this will be one of my standart Sculpt programs. Blender sculpting is awesome! But, Sculptris is more awesome concerning sculpting.
I have to watch how to combine both programs. Sculpting in Sculptris, retopoing and baking in Blender. I think this could be a nice workflow!
When I've figured out the workflow, I'll let you know!


Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

Sculptris doodle

Hi there,
I've discovered a new awsome program. It is called sculptris! At the moment it is in alpha 3 phase! But it is alot of fun! What is so special about this program? When you sculpt you don't have to worry about topology of your sculpt. Sculptris has some dynamic mesh tesselation. So if you sculpt and need some more details in some areas, Sculptris just adds the details by itself. So you do not have to subdivide you mesh like in other sculpting apps. It is a very intuitive way to work! I love it for quick sketching and will definitely use it in the futur! I am excited about the final release!
So here is my first attempt using Sculptris! You should check out this little peace of software!