Dienstag, 16. März 2010

Pirate Concept

Hi Blogreaders!
Ok, I haven't posted quite some time. So here is an update. I've started with some concepting. I had an idea some time ago to create a nice pirate character model. My Idea was to create a more detailed 3D model. So here is now the first stage. Sketching a cool character! I am convinced this is a good direction I am heading to! I wanted to create a young beautifull red haired girl with freckles. Not that much experienced in being a pirate :D
But she is on here way. So Character Design is almost done. I think I will create some more concepts for her face, and some detailed sketches of her weapons! She will get a pistol and a saber!
When my concepts are finished and I have a clear direction of all items I think I will start with sculpting in Blender. I hope it will work out! And later I 'm gonna create the lowpoly model. Don't expect updates to quick! I have not that much spare near work and family.

Here she is!

greetings Andreas