Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

New Building Concept

Hey everybody,
maybe some of you can remember my last building concept. I was in the mood to paint a new one. This time I made a grid for the sketchingprocess. And it was really helpfull!!! Not so much perspective issues like in the last concept art. As you can see I've used an isometric view.
It is really fun to paint such concept. You can expect more to come :)
Perhaps I will create a 3d model out of one of those concept arts.


  1. hi,
    i've seen, that you have tested krita recently :P

    do you know its perspective grid already? maybe you will like it :)

  2. Hey.. yeah.. I've seen the perspective grid tool.
    But thanks for the hint. I will definitely use this for some concepts! :D

  3. Good work, I can wait to see your 3D model will be excelent.

  4. Hello! I'm founder of Freezing Moon Games (, we're a small indie dev team, working on a free open source MO TBS RPG, called Ancient Beast ( - website in development). Basically, we're free open source fans, trying to improve Linux's adoption, by providing more great games that run on it natively.

    Would be cool if you could donate those 2 structures you made to our project; you'll get credited, and also, if you wish to help out from time to time with some more artwork, that would be awesome :-)