Dienstag, 16. März 2010

Pirate Concept

Hi Blogreaders!
Ok, I haven't posted quite some time. So here is an update. I've started with some concepting. I had an idea some time ago to create a nice pirate character model. My Idea was to create a more detailed 3D model. So here is now the first stage. Sketching a cool character! I am convinced this is a good direction I am heading to! I wanted to create a young beautifull red haired girl with freckles. Not that much experienced in being a pirate :D
But she is on here way. So Character Design is almost done. I think I will create some more concepts for her face, and some detailed sketches of her weapons! She will get a pistol and a saber!
When my concepts are finished and I have a clear direction of all items I think I will start with sculpting in Blender. I hope it will work out! And later I 'm gonna create the lowpoly model. Don't expect updates to quick! I have not that much spare near work and family.

Here she is!

greetings Andreas


  1. HI dude!

    I love your sketching style!! Which prog did u used for this? Keep it up!


  2. Hi ndee,

    your 'artwork' is very interesting and I've seen that your studying in the city where I come from (I am studying in brunswick [HBK] - communicationdesign focusing on illustration and 3D).
    The characterdesign reminds me of the ones from "deck 13" that made e.g. the "Ankh" Series.
    Very nice and already very professional


  3. Hi Manuel,
    thanks for your comment.
    It is an honor to be compared with deck13!! :)
    I really love there Games and Style.
    Soon some 3D work of that pirate girl will follow.

    I will take a look at your work!

    greetings Andreas

  4. Hi Andreas,

    yeah I like them too. Unfortunately I do have a rather slow MacBook when it comes to 3D and can't play any recent game. The MacBook is great for all University Graphics stuff but lacks decent 3D features - not a wise decision to get one without graphics card (back then).

  5. habe gerade gesehen, dass du in mein gästebuch geschrieben hast - danke*.

    * das gästebuch war damals eine notlösung und der letzte Eintrag vor deinem ist auch schon ein Weilchen her.