Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009


Hey everybody,
yep, I've seen Avatar last week! And yep, I love that movie. It was really great! From my artistic Point of view the Movie was awesome! Unfortunately I have not seen the movie in 3D. But I think I will catch this up in January.
So here is a fanartwork I've painted the last few days! It was really some fun and I think my style fits nice to the Charakterdesign of Avatar.

So here is my version of Naytiri.
Have a nice day.


  1. Avatar ist auch einer meiner Lieblingsfilme! Das Painting hier ist Dir echt gelungen!! Weiter so! Werde Deinen Blog auf jeden Fall weiter beobachten!



  2. Two things...
    When you say painted what do you mean?
    Why do you say charakter not character?

  3. When I say painted I mean this is painted with a paintingsoftware like photoshop or gimp. This is done with a graphic tablet. (wacom intuos 3)
    yeah sometimes I mix up the english and german words. I am sorry for that. I hope I will improve this in the future ;-)