Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Krita 2.3 Released

Hello all and a happy new Year 2011!!

Great News, Krita 2.3 has been released for Linux. This is a great Painting application! Here are a few sketches I've made lately. I also got featured with a few Artworks there!! This is awsome :)

I especially like the sketchbrush!! This gives some great results!


  1. Ich soll auch wieder mal krita probieren
    Am Moment GPS für Gimp heruntergeladen,
    schaut nicht so schlecht aus :P

    man ich hoffe das wann ich 25 gut wie du werde! (ich habe nur 8 Jahre zeit!!! :\)

    Schone Grüße aus Italien Pivetta

  2. Nice sketches, did u use a drawing tablet for it?

  3. Hi I am Hrishikesh Bhattacharya i am a basically a
    abstract artist and just started working on computer Painting application. I have heard lot about Linux application and wish to use it. Thanks a lot for sharing Krita 2.3.


  4. wow, nice paintings. They don't look like didital painting and you are talented. I was impressed especially by the black and white one.

  5. Wow! Very good job on these paintings.. very impressive. Keep it up!

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  7. Hi Andreas,
    wie kann man Dir eine Nachricht senden???
    Schau doch mal wieder in BlenderArtist rein. Die Leute vermissen Dich Hier der Link: (*Update*-13-06-2013/page11&highlight=easyemit)